Senior Care Centres


The Senior Care Centres are facilities and services that are designed to provide non-residential nursing care for clients. There are two such centres – one at Yishun, and one at Woodlands – and they operate day-care programmes that offer a safe and interactive environment for seniors to spend their time in.

These Centres were set up in 2012, operating under the Enhanced Eldercare Programme (EEP), being piloted by the Centre for Enabled Living (CEL) and the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC). The Woodlands Centre also conducts a Dementia Day Care Programme (DDCP), and with effect from May 2015, the EEP has been replaced by the Maintenance Day Care Programme (MDCP), which includes nursing care, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, as well as programmes for cognitive development in clients. Apart from this, the Woodlands Centre also provides additional services, such as recreational, garden, and multi-sensory stimulation therapies.


Giving Physical and Mental engagement

The Centres conduct a wide array of programmes and activities that seek to keep clients mentally and physically engaged. This is achieved through interaction, therapy, and cognitive exercises. With the MDCP in place, the Centres will offer more outdoor physiotherapy and game activities for the clients, to ensure they do not feel they are in an institutional setting. The Community Outdoor Programme, for example, regularly brings out clients from the Woodlands Centre to Sembawang park, and has received positive feedback from both clients and caregivers.

Connecting The Community

The Woodlands Centre regularly collaborates with schools, engaging students as youth volunteers. During festive occasions, students often come down to the centre to put up performances for the clients. Along with this, the Centre also continually seeks opportunities to get in touch with people in the community, participating in communal events such as block parties and holiday celebrations hosted by volunteers and well-wishers. The 2015 SG50 celebrations, for example, were one such event the clients attended, where they were regaled with a number of entertaining song and dance items.