Nursing Home

Our nursing home facility that offers long-term residential nursing care service for the elderly who are sick. It is located in Yishun Avenue 5 and houses a bed capacity of 224. (Read More)


Senior Care Centres

Designed to address the needs of elderly persons who are weak and frail and for those with physical disability or cognitive impairment, the Senior Care Centres run day-care programmes during weekdays for its clients. (Read More)


Financial Assistance 

With support from our donors, we provide assistance to needy families and individuals for a short-term while they overcome financial difficulties that they face after unfortunate events in their life. (Read More)


Education Assistance

With the intent of supporting education, we award bursaries to deserving needy students of any race or religion. We give out about S$30,000 to S$70,000 bursaries a year. (Read More)


Meranti Home

We manage the Meranti Home – a residential home for psychiatric destitute males. The Home provides care, shelter and rehabilitation to the residents under its care. (Read More)


Community Outreach

We have an array of programmes and activities that aim to reach out to the members of the Yishun/Sembawang community, creating an opportunity for interaction and involvement