Social Worker

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team to regularly review individual residents’ medical, nursing, therapy, and social aspects as part of delivering person-centric care.
  • Provide financial counselling prior to admission.
  • Co-ordinate an assessment on site of the patient to assess nursing/rehab status/behavioural and any social concerns.
  • Provide therapy/nursing/medical/social recommendations and support family and resident to complete home discharge or other care options.
  • Review supporting documents for referral to other care options and seek financial assistance for home equipping as recommended by the therapist where required.
  • Provide counseling to patients with psychosocial issues.
  • Work with resident or next-of-kin on financial considerations (e.g. Government Means Test subsidy)
  • Review cases and facilitate meetings for Medifund cases.
  • Apply for financial assistance (e.g. Means Test, Medifund, IDAPE, ELDERSHIELD, MFEC)
  • Update residents’ profile and movement in database.
  • Review next-of-kin details and update residents’ social reports.


  • Degree in Social Work.
  • At least 2 years of experience as a Social Worker in a Restructured/Community Hospital or Nursing Home.
  • Ability to converse in local languages to be able to communicate with residents and next-of-kin.
  • Keen to work in eldercare sector.
  • Team player with good interpersonal, organisational and communication skills.
  • Accredited with Singapore Association of Social Workers (SASW).


Must Have Competencies

  • Advocacy and Representation – Level 4
  • Case and Care Planning – Level 4
  • Casework Evaluation – Level 4
  • Social Service Programme Development – Level 4
  • Social Service Programme Evaluation – Level 4
  • Social Service Programme Implementation – Level 4
  • Stakeholder Management

Good to Have Competencies

  • Collaborative Practices Across Disciplines and Sectors – Level 4
  • Diversity Awareness and Management – Level 4
  • Emergency Response and Crisis Management – Level 4
  • Ethics, Values and Legislation – Level 4
  • Practice Supervision – Level 4

Critical Core Skills

  • Communication – Intermediate
  • Influence – Intermediate
  • Collaboration – Intermediate
  • Adaptability – Intermediate
  • Decision Making – Intermediate

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