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Caring for Residents

‘Our residents do not live in our workplace; We work in their home.’ That’s the philosophy of the Sree Narayana Mission Nursing Home@Chong Pang. Our Nursing Home (NH) has been a place of comfort and respite for our residents for the past four decades. Our professional nurses and trained caregivers provide dedicated nursing and rehabilitative services and care to our residents round-the-clock, while providing our residents the comforts of a home. The various activities organised at the NH encourages greater social interaction between residents and staff and ensures the mental wellbeing of our senior residents. There is no greater feeling than seeing the joyful moments between the residents and our staff who care for them!

We understand that the design of the physical environment of the NH will enable residents to feel empowered, independent, safe, and comfortable NH is working towards alternative models of care, which will provide our residents with a better quality of life and care.

Please see our Visitation Policy here.

Our Programmes

24-hour care and supervision to residents who have no family support and require assistance with daily living and/or daily nursing care. Services include help in bathing, getting dressed, and eating. A dedicated team of doctors and nurses provides medical services and treatment to the residents.

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Short-term care support for residents to allow their caregivers to take a break from caregiving from one week to a month.

Provides quality nursing education to maximise the potential of our nursing staff to enable quality care to our residents. SNM Nursing Home@Chong Pang is also a certified OJT (on-the-job training) Centre and ITE ATC (Approved Training Centre) to provide the ISC (ITE Skills Certificate) in HomeCare and Dementia Care. We conduct in-service training, and in-house Enrolled Nurse training and competency programmes for the care team. In addition, we have our own Wound Journal Club on the management of wounds in the Home.

A dedicated programme team conducts meaningful activities for our residents’ psychosocial well-being. Our Social Work Department (SWD) provides social services which includes assessment of residents’ psychosocial well-being on admission, and family and individual counselling and therapy sessions. For more complex cases, we will then refer resident for psychiatric assessment based on a doctor’s recommendation. For discharge to community, we work along with the resident and NOK to ensure community support services are in place.

SNM Nursing Home@Chong Pang buys pharmacist services from KTPH Pharmacy to conduct 6-monthly reviews and ensures that all requirements under the medication management standards in the Home are met. We also buy medication packing services from NHG Pharmacy to prepack residents’ medications into ready-to-use sachets.

Provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment and review of residents’ nutritional needs. A dietitian is engaged to do menu planning and food service audits

Our social workers provide psychosocial support for residents and families through case management and counselling on feelings of grief and loss, psychological maladjustment etc.

Our therapy department develops individualised care plan for residents to reach their reasonable practicable level of functioning and/or prevent further deterioration or to preserve current capabilities

Long Term Care Schemes

Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore) Pte.

Get Assistance

  • Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme (PGDAS)
  • Silver Support Scheme (SSS)
  • Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly (IDAPE)
  • Eldershield 
  • Careshield
  • Elderfund 
  • Medisave Care

What are the admission criteria?

An elderly person applying to stay in a nursing home must be:

  • Physically or mentally challenged because of illness;
  • Semi-mobile, using a wheelchair or is bedbound, and require medical and nursing care;
  • Unable to be cared for at home by family or paid domestic worker, and tried all other care options such as using day care, home medical, home nursing services etc.
  • Meet the Means Test Criteria and referred by Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), the central agency that processes all the applications to government-funded nursing home in Singapore.

What are the costs involved?

  • The basic cost varies between $2100 and $3100 a month (before MOH subsidy), depending on the level of care required. Other charges which are not covered by the basic cost may apply.
  • Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents may be eligible for government subsidies and financial assistance, depending on the monthly household income per person, amongst other criteria. The amount of subsidy will be determined through the National Means Testing System (NMTS).

How to apply?

  • Speak to a Medical Social Worker at any of the public healthcare institutions to explore the various care options available. Once the assessment has been conducted, the Medical Social Worker will assist you to submit an application to AIC.

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