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Empowering Our Seniors

To help our seniors age in place, SNM Senior Care Centres (SCCs) provide a communal space for them to enjoy group activities while receiving essential care services. Our centres offer full day programmes for seniors to interact, socialise and enjoy planned activities. a. Our programmes are suitable for seniors who require supervision while their caregivers are at work and centre-based care setting. Through our services, we aim to improve the physical and social well-being of seniors.

Our SCCs are located in Yishun and Woodlands. The Yishun SCC provides Maintenance Day Care (MDC) services, while the SCC at Woodlands provides both MDC services and Dementia Day Care (GDDC) services.

Activities & Programmes @ SCC
The seniors at the SCCs enjoy morning exercises and a weekly line-up of Art & Craft, Bingo, Karaoke, Movies and Cooking sessions.

Communities of Care Project
SNM is glad to be partners with the Communities of Care (CoC) Team from Woodlands Health Campus (WHC) and AWWA. The objective of CoC is to enhance and integrate the local network and resources that enables seamless interaction and engagements withing the community. We work together with the CoC on a range of activities, including outreach events that provide support in social and healthcare needs. We also collaborate on developing volunteerism in the community. SNM is very supportive of this project and is pleased to share a space at Woodlands SCC with the CoC team.

Our Services

Day Care provides a full day programme for seniors who are suitable for centre-based care setting and require supervision while their caregivers are at work. The service aims to maintain and/or improve the general, physical, and social well-being of seniors through therapy. The centre also doubles as a place for seniors to socialise and take part in recreational activities.

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Day care services catering to seniors with mild to advanced dementia. Group and individualised activities are provided based on seniors’ ability to slow down the deterioration of physical and mental functions.

Personal care and assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) are provided in day care too.

This delays the need for institutionalisation and encourage clients to maintain life in the community.

Individuals affected by a variety of medical conditions may require rehabilitation in order to complement or complete their medical care. The aim of rehabilitation is to improve the individual’s functional status to the maximum level medically possible, and hence allow them to remain active in the community. Community rehabilitation services include Active rehabilitation, which aims to improve the client’s functional status; and Maintenance Exercises, which aims to reduce the client’s functional decline.

In collaboration with the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore) [SNM] will be offering a new Night Respite service for seniors requiring assistance in Activities of Daily Living (ADL) or coping with dementia with sleep-wake cycle issues.

With effect from 1 February 2024, caregivers can leverage the service as an alternative care option to manage caregiver burnout from night caregiving duties and seek support in managing seniors with sundowning dementia. The service is a pilot programme supported by AIC which will run till 31 December 2024.

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Caregiver Training Grant

In April 2017, SNM leverages on the Caregiver Training Grant (CTG). The grant provides training for caregivers and foreign domestic workers in the Approved Training Centre run by the Agency of Integrated Care (AIC). The CTG Approved Training Centre provides training courses which include Dementia Care, Posture & Mobility Ambulation. Subsidy will be based on the National Means Test Scheme. For more information, contact


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