FAQs on Membership

A Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident aged 21 years and above can sign up to be a member of SNM. Singapore Citizens are eligible for Life and Ordinary Membership while Permanent Residents can sign up for Associate Membership.

To sign up as a member, please complete this form and email this to membership@snm.org.sg

Type of Membership





One – time







Members are updated regularly on all activities and events organised by SNM. This provides members the ‘early bird’ opportunity to sign up for these events, be it as a beneficiary, volunteer or as a donor. Members can sign up for activities such as yoga, music and dance classes at discounted fees. Another activity that members get priority is the ‘Share A Pot’ programme. Under this initiative, seniors participate in light physical exercises, arts & craft activities and get to enjoy a hearty communal meal including a pot of nutritious soup. The programme promotes an active and healthy lifestyle among seniors and also provides them an opportunity for social interaction.

Members also get priority to attend SNM’s annual Guru Jayanthi Celebrations. This occasion is one of SNM’s signature events and is celebrated grandly with prayers and a cultural show.

For members who are passionate and want to contribute to making the community a better place, SNM offers the perfect opportunity.

Life and Ordinary members are allowed to join the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees as well as in sub-committees. All Life and Ordinary members can attend and participate in the Annual General Meetings (AGM) and have voting rights on leadership appointments and on SNM’s performance and strategy.

Associate members are eligible to join Subcommittees and contribute in their areas of expertise where relevant.

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