The Meranti Home @ Pelangi Village provides shelter and rehabilitation for male destitute persons requiring psychiatric care. It was established by the Mission in 2002, under the provisions of the Destitute Persons Act (DPA), and is regulated by the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Currently, there are 190 residents in the Home, ranging between the ages of 26 to 90 years old. The Home provides training and rehabilitation therapy for these residents, seeking to increase their functional levels such that they can be independent and self-reliant.

Creating Sense of Independence.

The Home’s in-care programme focuses primarily on rehabilitative training that develops the functional abilities of the residents, so that they are able to carry out simple day-to-day tasks such as maintaining personal hygiene, or taking medication.

The Home regularly conducts activities to keep residents engaged and stimulated. Music classes, calisthenic exercise, karaoke sessions, table-top games, and monthly barbecue sessions are some such examples, as well as periodic educational and recreation visits to places of interest in Singapore.

Facilitating Psychosocial Development

The Home adopts a “Club House” approach in its model of care, that is geared towards facilitating psychosocial rehabilitation, and enabling residents suffering from mental illness to work and live productive and fulfilling lives as part of a community. By referring to residents as “members,” and setting up various clubs and interest groups for them to join, they are able to experience more agency in their time in the Home’s care. At present, there are clubs for cycling, fishing, dancing, and public speech, with more being planned to be launched in the future. Through this non-conventional model of treatment, we take away focus from whatever illness that the members suffer from, instead focusing on their strengths and the interest they wish to pursue.

In partnership with Griness Teambuilding, the Home has developed a weekly drumming/music programme for the residents, to promote group activities amongst them.

The Home welcomes volunteers who wish to join us in our efforts to uplift the lives of our members. Presently, volunteers from Sai Baba Service Centre make twice-monthly sponsorships of vegetarian meals for our members, and Man Fut Tong Welfare Society sends volunteers every month to help.

Be A Volunteer