The Sree Narayana Mission Nursing Home is a nursing home facility offering long-term nursing care service to the elderly and sick. It is located in Yishun, and has a bed capacity of 224. In special cases, the Home also provides respite care services, such as temporary stay or care at its facility.

Serving with our Heart

Beyond nursing and rehabilitative services, we are also dedicated to providing our residents the comfort of a real home. Our staff are passionate about their work and the service they provide for the people in their care, and there is no greater feeling than in seeing the little joyful moments between the residents and the nurses that care for them.

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Assuring Quality Care

The Quality Assurance Committee ensures that we deliver only the highest quality of nursing care, specifically in the areas of infection control, fall pressure ulcers management, medication error prevention, hospitlization management, and patient-death review and management.

Enhancing Comfort

The Home Building is constantly reviewed for improvements, with maintenance activities being carried out regularly to ensure both residents and staff have a safe, clean, and comfortable environment to live and work in.

Between 2013 to 2014, new equipment was purchased to assist the nurses in promoting hygiene as well as safety in handling residents. This included the changing of medical trolleys such as those used for wound dressing and the introduction of reclining wheel chairs. Then from 2014 to 2015, the Home adopted the use of new automated electric beds aiding nurses and the residents greatly in bed-transfers and manoeuvring. Other maintenance activities carried out during this period included re-roofing and seepage prevention, as well as paintworks for the entire building. The two lifts in the Home were also refurbished with new fittings. These upgrades and improvements to the facilities not only make the building more user-friendly, but also give it a clean and fresh look.

Currently the Mission is working with the relevant government agencies to extend the lease of the Home building, presently set to expire in 2017. Attaining this extension will enable us to carry out extensive upgrading of the building’s fourth floor, allowing for an increase in bed capacity by another 42 beds.

Other Services