19 January 2021

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“I remember about 35 years ago, my aunt would pass me a voucher every month, and I will walk over to Sree Narayana Mission in Sembawang to collect a “goodie bag”. The goodie bag consisted of instant noodles, sardines, milo, condensed milk and $5.

35 years had passed & I am happy to know that Sree Narayana Mission had continued its good work to help people in need. I am fortunate to have progressed in life and am very happy to reconnect with the Mission to give back the support which was extended to my related family back in those days.

Once again, I thank Sree Narayana Mission for the good work. For a Mission to stand thus far and continuing its effort to help those in need is no small feat. I wish the Mission the best & will continue my support with the Mission whenever possible.”

– Mr Joe Tan, SNM Donor

Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore) Pte.

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