Letter of Commendation

9 October 2023

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Dear Mr Devendran,

My father, Mr Nath Pati Tiwari, was admitted to SNM from 17 to 24 May for emergency respite care after his 2 helpers contracted Covid at the same time.

I am very pleased with the care and services rendered to him. In particular,

1) Ms Yoges who responded to my plea for help, when I could not get any assistance from MOH or AIC. She was very professional in her approach, and managed to procure a bed for my dad at short notice. She also assisted in facilitating the transport arrangements. She made herself available whenever I had any queries during my dad’s stay, and continued to follow up to check on him after discharge. Her caring and cheerful disposition certainly helped lift my spirits in a time of distress.

2) Nurse Ko Ko, who assisted in my dad’s admission. His confidence was very reassuring, and I was happy that he could communicate with my dad in Hindi.

3) Nurses Eric, Christopher, Matthew and I believe 2 others, who managed my dad during his stay in the isolation room. They took time to update me daily about his condition and status. They were knowledgeable and I could tell that they truly cared for his well-being.

4) The staff manning the front counter at the entrance. During my brief encounters with them, they were polite and helpful.

Please thank everyone who helped my dad, and made his stay as comfortable as it could be. He is now at home, recuperating.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Satya Tiwari

Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore) Pte.

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