Thank you on Behalf of Mdm Shanmugathai

10 October 2023

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I would like to highlight the great work some of your staff in Narayana mission have pulled off where my grandmother is being cared and taken care of.

Firstly, Ms. Yoges, the senior officer in the social worker team who is dealing with my grandmother’s cases. Although she was relatively new to my grandmother’s case, she was quick and efficient in understanding the nuances quickly and proceeding with the next steps to help me. She was very patient and understanding while we went through the details. She was also very proactive and went the extra mile in getting all the details she needed to put the case through.

Secondly, I also would like to thank the nurses who are caring for my grandmother. Given the tantrums, the extra care the elderlies require, I must say the nurses deal with them as they would deal with their own family members. They always go the extra mile, take extra efforts, and still keep their smiles on.

It is quite a paramount for people to be in the healthcare and social work industry where they are having to face tough conversations – from both relatives, the elderly and the other authorities. I appreciate the passion and love they have continued to display despite challenging situations.

I thank Ms.Yoges ,nursing team and all other extended teams within SNM family for all their outstanding efforts to help me and my grandmother’s case despite the pandemic. A big shout and THANK YOU to all of them.



Vecnesh Pathy

Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore) Pte.

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